Early Experiences

My quiltmaking experiences began in the early 70’s when I made my first traditional quilt. A foundation of sewing skills acquired in the 4-H program in my teens made the transition from clothing construction to quilts a natural one. Having no specific understanding of quiltmaking also made for an easy transition because I didn’t realize that there were rules. Unencumbered by “laws” meant that I had a limitless sense of the possibilities. As I became more technically proficient, I viewed these early works as very poor, but changed my mind as I realized that the freedom I felt creating them formed the foundation my work stands on today. After several years of exploring other mediums, I returned to quilts in the 1980’s and have not turned back. No other medium presents to me the infinite potential for exploration as does the piecing, applying, painting, and manipulating of the vast variety of colors and visual textures found in cloth. The patterns, designs and stories created are limited only by my imagination and the degree of my willingness to be true to myself.