Most of my participation in national and international competitions took place during the early 1990’s. From those venues, I received a great deal of recognition and many opportunities for publication. My concentration over the last few years has been less on exhibiting and more on developing a format for sharing the creative process.


Fons & Porter’s Art of Quilting March/April 2005 issue featuring Judith Reilly

In each issue, Fons & Porter include an article on a contemporary Quilt Artist and her artwork in their in their otherwise traditional magazine. In this article, the focus is on the creative process including her Twelve Life lessons. The article includes several of Judith’s fabric art pieces including newest work “Blue Door”.


“Moon Walk” ©1999 in Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine
“Moon Walk” ©1999 in Quilter’s Newsletter annual Calender

Books in which quilts/artist profiles are included –

Award Winning Quilts and Their Makers, Vol. 3, 1993, published by American Quilter’s Society: profile accompanying photo of artist and quilt “Warning: Some Colors May Run”
Backart: On the Flip Side, 1991, by Danita Rafalovich and Katheryn Pellman. “Warning: Some Colors May Run” © 1991 (back and front view)
American’s Heritage Quilts, 1991, published by Better Homes and Gardens. Chapter 11 on Today’s Quilters: profile with three quilts -“Warning: Some Colors May Run”, “My Fair Lady” © 1989, and “The Yarn Spinner and other Cat Tales” © 1990.

Magazines and other Publications

“Autumn Observations” ©1992

Connecticut Magazine – October 1997
Quilt – Fall 1994
Quilt World – September 1994
Quilts…A World of Beauty – 1993 by American International Quilt Association – back cover and inclusion in article
Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine – April 1993
Calendar, address book and notecards published through American International Quilt Association
Notecards published through Chitra Publication

“Warning: Some Colors May Run” ©1991

American Quilter – magazine by AQS, Summer 1993 – article written by me entitled The Process of Discovery, focusing on the creation of this quilt
American Quilter’s Society Calendar – 1992
Quilt World – July 1991
Quilts…A World of Beauty – Inclusion in article featuring prize winning quilts from 1991 Show

Garments created for Fairfield Processing fashion Show

Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine – Jan/Feb 1992 “Rhyme and Reason” © 1991
Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine – Jan/Feb 1991 “Consider the Lilies” © 1990