The Creative Journey

Judith Reilly's Basin Harbor Shoreline
Judith Reilly’s Basin Harbor Shoreline

Every creative journey has a beginning. Yet one of life’s secrets is that this journey began long before we agreed to take it. It was not that long ago that I gave myself permission to be called an artist and say so out loud, but I know now that I have always been one and that the inner artist child which still dwells within me has been waiting, hoping, nudging, suggesting and patiently persisting to be recognized since God first imagined me. Therefore my actual starting date is privileged information known only to the fairies. But I do believe that each of us had, and still has, an artist child within us, and that the abilities to see, hear, appreciate, visualize and express our inspirations and imaginings are innate, and can be realized. We may have trouble admitting this but we need to try. Our shy and reluctant artist children need a little encouragement. Don’t be afraid of them. They eat very little, generally sleep through the night, and never grow out of their clothes. But their gifts are immeasurable.